Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with Dashboard Confessional and Cartel in Tulsa

After long absences from the touring scene, Andrew McMahon and Dashboard Confessional bring the house down at the Tulsa Theater.

I have to admit, I knew very little about these three bands before heading to Tulsa to shoot them. Of course I knew all about Dashboard Confessional from years of listening to SiriusXM’s AltNation and XMU. I knew some about Andrew McMahon from AltNation because Cecilia and the Satellite was on rotation about every 30 minutes!

I knew nothing of Cartel!

Running into a friend at the show, he filled me in on all three bands. He’s a huge fan of all three. However, while Dashboard Confessional is probably the most well known of the three, Andrew McMahon was the clear winner in this artistic race.

Please note that this is a personal opinion. I know there are many Dashboard fans out there but personally I find the music dull. The lack of recognizable hooks and songs that seem to have no direction filled their entire set. While the showmanship was spectacular and Chris Carrabba has incredible stage presence as well as a great connection with the audience, I don’t have a lot of positive things to say about the music itself. Musicianship can only go so far when the actual songs are weak.

I’m sure I’ll take some grief for that last paragraph but remember, it’s just my opinion. They are obviously selling records and concert tickets.

When Andrew McMahon took the stage, the entire night changed. Well structured and crafted songs accompanied incredible action and stage presence to provide a masterful event that brought the crowd to their feet.


Dashboard Confessional

Andrew McMahon

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