Halestorm ‘storms’ into the OKC Zoo Amphitheater

Storm delays be damned! Halestorm and guests completely rocked!

Heat, humidity, rain, lightning, and delays couldn’t stop this massive tour from completely rocking the house last night at the Zoo Amphitheater in Oklahoma City.

The five band lineup consisted of Lilith Czar, The Warning, Giovanni & the Hired Guns, The Pretty Reckless, and headlining band Halestorm.

The show started off with Lilith Czar completely setting the mood with a high energy, kick you in the balls short set in the brutal heat of Oklahoma in August. While she was only allotted a short set time, she took full advantage of her limited time and played to the small crowd like it was Wembley Stadium in London! Honestly, Lilith will be headlining one day I hope. The band was amazingly tight and full of great energy to get the crowd ready for what was to come.

Up next was the all female trio The Warning. Consisting of three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, this trio is another future headliner. Continuing in the same energetic style, these women played through stifling heat to entertain a growing crowd at the Zoo.

And then…

…a storm warning sent the entire place into a frenzy.

If you’ve ever lived in Oklahoma, you know weather isn’t a joke here. Storms pop up in an instant and do serious damage. Oklahoma City holds the record for the highest wind speed on earth from the May 3, 1999 F5 tornado. The meter stopped recording at something like 305 mph because it topped out. The wind speeds could actually have been higher.

I mention this because when an outdoor event is happening and there’s a threat of lightning or tornados, it’s not taken lightly. While the average citizen here is stupid enough to walk outside and actually watch the tornado, concert promoters are more concerned with liability so they err on the side of extreme caution. With that said, the venue removed all of us, including the media, and asked us to shelter in our vehicles until the storm passed.

However, since these storms are so unpredictable, what we mostly got was a little sprinkling of rain that never formed into a storm. But you never know so you can’t fault the venue/promoter for their actions. Safety HAS to come first!

Unfortunately, the time constraint placed on the show (the venue has to cease all production at 10:30pm) meant that Giovanni & the Hired Guns and The Pretty Reckless were bumped when the show resumed. I was really looking forward to seeing The Pretty Reckless and I’ll definitely try to catch them in the future if they’re near me.

But let’s get to the good stuff already!

Lilith Czar

IG: @lilithczar
Website: http://lilithczar.com/

The Warning

IG: @thewarningrockband, @dani.thewarning, @paulina.thewarning, @alejandra.thewarning
Website: Linktree


IG: @halestormrocks
Website: Linktree

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